Nick Smith '18


We had such a pleasure working with Nick.  He lives each day to it's fullest and likes to make people laugh.


He loves sports and teaches kids to enjoy them too.  His favorite sports are baseball and basketball.


He hopes to major in advertising.

Eliza Keating '18


Eliza has played piano since she was 4 and started playing cello in 6th grade. She was in the orchestra in middle school all three years, and I has been in the top orchestra at Cherry Creek High School since sophomore year. She also danced for 9 years and did some musical theater.  She spent 16 days of the summer between her sophomore and junior year in Europe playing cello in the orchestra in different countries and getting to explore a different place.

Matthew Lies '18


Matthew has been traveling internationally ever since a young age. He is pursuing his Eagle Scout and finishing up his Eagle Project. He's played football since 4th grade and made the varsity team his sophomore year. He then started as varsity lock in Rugby, and made the Colorado state Select team also his sophomore year.

Grant Huber '18


Grant is known for being quiet. He treats everyone as equals and enjoy spending time with family and friends. I have recently started road biking and purchased a collectors US Postal Road Bike. I am looking forward to doing some road bike adventures in the near future.


He has recently started road biking and purchased a collectors US Postal Road Bike to start doing some road bike adventures in the near future.

Grant Gulevich '18


Grant has volunteered with Food Bank of the Rockies, Adams Camp and his public library.

His accomplishment include National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Eagle Scout and top Science Student Award!


Next summer he hopes to get an internship near San Francisco or New York.  He is looking at schools on the west coast and in the New England region with hopes to be an engineer or scientist.


Sophie Flynn '18


Sophie has lettered in academics.  She wants to go to college at either UNC, CU Boulder or CU Denver.  She wants to be an Elementary School Teacher.


She has volunteered many times at Sisters of the Poor in Denver around Christmas time to give them presents and company.