Graffiti wall is updated for the class of 2019.

Every year we have an Artist incorporate the graduation year into our large graffiti wall.  This has become a tradition with our high school seniors and makes for great graduation announcements and/or party invitations when the time comes.  The best time of day for this background is the morning. 

You will most likely start getting information from the school around October or November, to purchase the formal graduation announcement.  If you choose that option, consider including wallet size photographs.  Your friends and family will enjoy it!  If you would prefer something a bit more unique, we will be offering custom cards starting in January.  The cards range in size from 4.5x5 up to 5x7 and can be double sided.  You may include multiple poses and any text you prefer. 

We look forward to creating something for you!

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Portraits: Paying attention to detail

Portraits require attention to detail.  It's not just about the lighting, both on the subject and on the background, but the positioning of the subject, choice of background and the details in the clothing.  To see a clip of the photographer working with Jack to capture this image, find SeniorPix Bettinger on Facebook.  Dan worked with Jack to get a variety of expressions to get one that Jack liked the best.


So many background options at one location.

At Bettinger Photography we have specifically built our outdoor studio for portrait photography.  With a variety of sets, you can come to one location and get so many different looks.  You will also have a dressing room for outfit changes so you don't have to worry about changing in a park or in your car.  Check out the rest of our website for more info.


Did you know that the summer after your Junior year is when you should take your Senior Portraits?

As you start planning your summer remember to arrange time for Senior Portraits! The Class of 2019 season has already officially started. We have seen students from High Schools all across the Denver Metro area and as far away as Ignacio Colorado.  Few spots remain at our June price and July is also getting full.  Make sure you know the deadline for your yearbook image to be turned into your school and call to schedule.


Flower Power

Fresh flowers have now been planted in our outdoor studio garden. Enjoy this area as just one of many options for your senior portraits at Bettinger Photography.  The first or last session of the day is best to take advantage of the spectacular colors, so keep that in mind when you call to schedule.  To see more flower portraits, click on #flowers below.

To see more flowers click on #flowers below.


Regis Jesuit has a very specific background for all yearbook photos.

It is a privilege to be selected as the official photographer for the Regis Jesuit 2019 Senior Class for both the Girls & Boys Division. Every Senior must be photographed by Bettinger Photography, either at our studio or at the school in September, for the portrait to be used in the 2019 yearbook. 

Everyone must be photographed on a specific traditional indoor portrait background for the yearbook.  We offer many options to make this happen and to save you money on your Senior Portraits for  your personal use too.

This is not the same photo that is taken at registration for the student ID.  So be sure to speak with a Bettinger Representative about your options.


Smoky Hill High School Senior Portraits for the Yearbook

It's exciting to think that Bettinger Photography has been photographing Smoky Hill Seniors since the school was founded in 1974.  The SHHS yearbook department can trust that any student we photograph will have their senior photo cropped and sized to the school specifications and delivered on time. We value that trust and are happy to take the pressure off of you as-well as the staff and students that will begin the design and layout of the 2019 yearbook as soon as school starts.  We look forward to meeting another group of Buffs this summer!



Style your Senior Portraits with a Denim Jacket.

A denim jacket makes the perfect piece to include when selecting what you want to wear for your senior portraits. It's timeless and won't date your photographs the way current trendy outfits will.

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