Show of your personality with your favorite hat

Wearing a hat is a fashion trend worth considering when choosing your senior portrait outfits. It may not be acceptable for the yearbook, but it makes a beautiful portrait for the home that expresses your personality.

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It's time to seriously plan for senior portraits this summer.

If this is the summer before your student starts their senior year of high school then now is the time to be scheduling senior portraits.  Most schools require the yearbook image to be submitted just weeks after school starts.  And the sooner your student is photographed, the more money you will save.  So why wait?  Call now 303.733.6076.


Michelle Rabinovich '18


Michelle is an AP Scholar, a Member of Ccsa and volunteers for the Make a Wish campaign at her school.


She wants to go to Maryville University in Saint Louis in order to study Forensic Psychology and eventually open her own practice with a doctorate in clinics psych with a focus on Forensics.