Tip Tuesday "Long Sleeves"

Tank tops are popular for girls to wear, as well as sleeveless and cap sleeves. But in a portrait, it’s not the best choice. Opt to layer with a jacket or sweater to complete your outfit. Make sure it has a longer sleeve and is a solid color.

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Tip Tuesday "Glasses"

Our photographers are highly trained in doing everything they can to avoid glass glare. And what can’t be avoided in the camera, can be fixed by our artist before we print your finished portraits. What’s harder to avoid in regards to glasses is transition lenses. When your senior portraits are taken outside, it’s natural for the lenses to become dark. This we want to avoid but we need your help. Contact your optometrist and ask if you can borrow frames without lenses. Or remove the lenses yourself when you get here. It might sound strange but trust us, you won’t be able to tell you are missing the lenses.

To see more examples of recommended clothing options, click on the #seniorstyle below


April showers bring May flowers

New flowers are being planted for the Class of 2020. They change and bloom all season so everyone can take advantage of the natural color and beauty for their senior portraits.

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Not just a boutique studio

We have had our outdoor studio for over 40 years. And during that time we have changed backgrounds and added backgrounds to provide more variety. By selecting the Deluxe Senior Portrait Experience you will have access to different colors, styles, textures and of course natural greenery. All at one convenient location with a dressing room for changing outfits. You can bring up to 4!

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Tip Tuesday "The Undershirt"

It’s easy to think about the top layer of clothing, but don’t forget the undershirt can be just as important. The collar should be straight and NOT stretched out, frayed or ripped. And if you choose a button up shirt in a darker color, consider a darker undershirt too.

To see more examples of recommended clothing options, click on the #seniorstyle below.


Show of your personality with your favorite hat

Wearing a hat is a fashion trend worth considering when choosing your senior portrait outfits. It may not be acceptable for the yearbook, but it makes a beautiful portrait for the home that expresses your personality.

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20% off sale ends this weekend

Don’t let graduation sneak up on you without ordering your custom announcements with your senior portraits. The sale ends this weekend. Call to order yours at 303-733-6076.

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