School is starting across the Denver Metro!

Senior yearbook photo deadlines are different with each high school. And each school has different requirements for cropping, sizing and backgrounds. We are offering a fast and efficient photo shoot at our outdoor portrait studio so that you can be photographed and choose your favorite pose for us to naturally retouch and deliver to the school. Photo shoot includes professionally printed photographs for you too!


We are a professional boutique studio.

Dan Bettinger asks questions, guides his subjects into poses, pays attention to details and brings out the best in his clients. His experience behind the camera cannot be replaced by an iphone. He is more then the equipment that he shoots with.


Few spots left in July

We are offering senior portrait specials through July with limited spots still available. Indoor and outdoor all at one location by Dan Bettinger himself. His experience with lighting, posing and his true love for traditional portraits will ensure the essence of your personality is captured.

To see more Regis Seniors click on the “Regis HS” above

To see more examples of recommended clothing options, click on the #seniorstyle below


Regis Jesuit Background

All students from both the Regis Jesuit Girls & Boys divisions, will be photographed on a solid gray background this year. Options to be photographed include at our studio over the summer plus we will be setup at RJHS this fall. The dates are yet to be determined.

If you choose to be photographed at our studio this summer, you’ll have more to choose from and more time with the photographer. Plus the Standard session includes some outdoor too.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone!


Tip Tuesday "Accessorize"

Amber did a great job remembering to bring items to finish off her outfits. Rings, bracelets, earrings. Even the scarf is a nice addition. Especially since it’s a solid color and coordinates with her outfit. But notice her fingernails. Even those are perfectly painted and match.

To see more examples of recommended clothing options, click on the #seniorstyle below.


Tip Tuesday "Press your clothes!"

It is so important to bring your clothes in freshly pressed. Even a t-shirt will show wrinkles that can be costly to remove after the fact. Even a brand new shirt can have unsightly creases from packaging. Bring your outfits in on hangers so they stay looking nice between home and our studio.

To see more examples of recommended clothing options, click on the #seniorstyle below.


Tip Tuesday "Stripes"

Stripes are one thing a professional photographer usually does not like to see their subject wearing. And later, the subject usually regrets it too. Why? Because horizontal stripes can make a person look wider or more broad. And a bold strip no matter what, always becomes too distracting and takes the attention away from the person. Notice the stripe this young man is wearing. It is horizontal, but it’s small stripes, tone on tone and doesn’t distract from the portrait.

To see more examples of recommended clothing options, click on the #seniorstyle below.