We are a professional boutique studio.

Dan Bettinger asks questions, guides his subjects into poses, pays attention to details and brings out the best in his clients. His experience behind the camera cannot be replaced by an iphone. He is more then the equipment that he shoots with.


Tip Tuesday "Accessorize"

Amber did a great job remembering to bring items to finish off her outfits. Rings, bracelets, earrings. Even the scarf is a nice addition. Especially since it’s a solid color and coordinates with her outfit. But notice her fingernails. Even those are perfectly painted and match.

To see more examples of recommended clothing options, click on the #seniorstyle below.


Tip Tuesday "Long Sleeves"

Tank tops are popular for girls to wear, as well as sleeveless and cap sleeves. But in a portrait, it’s not the best choice. Opt to layer with a jacket or sweater to complete your outfit. Make sure it has a longer sleeve and is a solid color.

To see more examples of recommended clothing options, click on the #seniorstyle below.


Senior Portraits and the Yearbook Photo

Schools throughout the Denver Metro area have specific requirements for senior portraits to be submitted into the yearbook.  For example:

The yearbook image must be on a specific indoor studio portrait background for all Regis Jesuit students.  Seniors benefit by coming to our studio to get the yearbook photo taken with more time & attention to detail, plus they can take advantage of our exclusive outdoor studio at our same Denver location.  We have sessions that include multiple outfits too.

On the other hand, Overland High School requires greenery in the background.  Because our outdoor studio has lots of natural greenery, we can provide many options and expressions to choose from.  Yet if graffiti or a more industrial look fits their style to be displayed in the home, we can also accomplish that during the same session.

Other specifics that vary from school to school is how the image is cropped, sized, and how it's delivered to the school.  This process is something we have taken seriously for over 60 years.  That's why we have been a trusted portrait studio by the high schools from the age of negatives through to digital.  Yearbook advisors know that images coming from our studio will meet their requirements, will have amazing color and quality and will be delivered ON-TIME!



Style your Senior Portraits with a Denim Jacket.

A denim jacket makes the perfect piece to include when selecting what you want to wear for your senior portraits. It's timeless and won't date your photographs the way current trendy outfits will.

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J'Den Humphries '18


J'Den has done quite a bit of volunteer and service work.  So far her favorites have been working with kids in the U.S.'s poorest zip code, as well as working for two weeks with preschoolers.  She would like to work in Video/Film Production (not sure what part yet, but maybe a director!)


She used to live in South Korea and China when I she younger  because of her dad's job in basketball. She likes getting caricatures made with family and friends to frame and have!